Thursday, January 16, 2014

Classes Back in Session

I feel like this break went by way too fast. Last semester seemed to drag on and on and even after a month off from school, I feel like break just started. It may be because I am dreading going back but I am not sure. I have never dreaded going back to school, but for some reason, I am this time. I do not hate school; I actually like going to class and learning and taking notes (nerdy I know). I think I am dreading school because I know I am going to be busy and that I have no room for mistakes. College and I have not gotten along since the start, but I think I am so scared of failure this time that school is just freaking me out. I am sure once I start, I will be okay, but as of now... I'm nervous, easy semester or not.

 If all went as planned since freshman year, I would be in my final semester of nursing school right now, about to start an amazing job, but no. It didn't go as planned. Health got in the way of school which got in the way of my grades and my happiness. I never really got involved in any clubs or such at Radford and I am not a partier, so I didn't attend many parties. At VCU, I commute, so it is hard to get to know people. I honestly feel like such a loner on campus. It didn't bother me last semester, but for some reason, it is now... I am going to try getting involved, but as I said, being a commuter, it makes it hard. Classes are early, meetings are late, and I live an hour away and the last thing I want to do when my back is bad is stay on campus all day. 

Any words of advice? I know I sound like a Debbie Downer, but school is so important and I just feel like I have screwed up to the point of not achieving my dream or enjoying what are supposadly the "best years of your life." 



  1. Chin up, girl! If there's anything I've learned in my last 3 and a half years at school it's that "the typical college experience" is BS. Don't feel bad about what you feel like you haven't gotten the chance to do - as long as you've done the things that make you happy, you're doing the right thing!

    Maybe you could try to get to know some people in your classes and get coffee or lunch or something before or after your class. That way you feel like you're socializing but not going too out of your way! I totally understand the loner thing - I've had some really tough things happen to me since I've been at school too and two years ago I pretty much lost all of my friends. I had a really tough time for awhile but eventually I started making new friends by just inviting people to lunch.

    I hope that's helpful! Miss you girl!



    1. Thank you. You were definitely helpful, as always! I really need to get over the "shy" factor I guess. Since my classes are SO big, I honestly don't even know who I would ask... I guess I just feel kind of awkward! Hopefully I will meet some people in my spinning or yoga class!

      I hope you are doing well. I miss you too! Hoping I'll be down your way sooner rather than later!



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