Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Meet Bear!!

Happy Tuesday All!! 

SURPRISE!! Robbie got a fox red lab for graduation!! It was so hard for me to keep it a secret from him, but I did it and he was so surprised! His mom wanted to get him a dog for graduation and so we looked and looked. I got really lucky finding this guy for a decent price on the East Coast (I did not want to have to get a dog shipped). Robbie's mom took him to pick up the puppy Saturday morning. I was so sad I could not go due to clinical, but it was good bonding for Rob and his mama. 

Robbie decided on the name "Bear" since he looks like a little bear. He is honestly just so adorable 
(but what puppy isn't!). He is so smart too. He is already potty trained. When you let him out of his crate, he goes strait to the grass! Yayy!!! While Robbie is finishing up the semester, his parents are taking care of him. I'm sad that I can't see him a lot, but my schedule is crazy until May, so it works best. Anyways, enough talk. Time for y'all to see the pictures!! 

 (The picture on the website)

 (Robbie holding his little man... Aren't they precious!?) 

 (Looking adorable!!) 

 (Me holding the little pup after a day in the sunshine... Isn't his belly adorable??) 

Trust me, I will be posting tons of pictures on here as he grows and I am sure I will have several stories to tell. Have a great rest of the day! 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Warm Weather and Some Excitement!!

Good Morning Y'all! 

How have y'all been liking this "spring" weather? I have been LOVING it!! I laid out all day last Wednesday with Emily and it felt sooo good to relax with a book, my friend, and the dogs in the sunshine (all while getting a tan!). I am mad at myself though because I did not use enough sunscreen and my face got burnt (for the second time in a week!). My mom and dad have both had spots removed in the past year so I am now even more worried about burns. I have always used sunscreen but I am so bad at re-applying it every couple of hours. I really need to get better at that! 

 Bella and Me playing! (She was a good nap buddy). 

 (Emily's puppy dogs... Bella, the one closest to the camera, is Teal's (my brother's dog) mama!) 

Now... I have some exciting news!!! (No, I am not engaged... I honestly have no idea when that will happen because Rob and I are still trying to grasp the fact that he graduates in May!). Anyways, for the exciting news... I signed up for my first ever half-marathon!!! Okay, it might not be as exciting to all of you guys, but I am pretty dag on excited! It is the Crawlin' Crab Half in Hampton, VA which is in October. I have plenty of time to train (and I have been training already!). It is awesome because my mom and I are doing it together and she is really aiming for a PR (personal record). Our goal is to do it in under 2 hours, so training this summer will definitely pick up! 

As for the weekend... It was Robbie's last "Greek Week" at HSC and I just can't believe it! It was definitely crazy to realize that he is graduating in a month and my next visit up there will probably be to help him move stuff out. Where did the past 4 years go?? I feel like we were just graduating high school, nervous about leaving home, how our relationship would change due to college, etc. I just can't believe he is graduating! 

 Friday Night! 

 Robbie was so sweet and went on a run with me after a late Friday night! 

 Some Saturday baseball at HSC! 

I have some other exciting news to share this weekend, so check in on Saturday!! 

I hope everyone has a wonderful week and gets to enjoy some sunshine (it's supposed to be "Sunny and 75ish" on Thursday!! 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Ready for the Beach!

After the AMAZING weather last week and this past weekend, I am now craving the beach. I want the smell of the salt water, the sand between by toes, the feel of the beachy breeze, and the sound of the waves crashing. Honestly, I just need to beach in my life right now. After this semester (which between VCU classes and my CNA class has had be crazy stressed), I deserve a weekend trip to do nothing but read my book, catch some sun, and sip on some fruity drinks. Are y'all ready for summer or do you want to enjoy spring for a bit? 

Some of my wardrobe and bag essentials: 

Ready for the Beach!

           1. Jean shorts, a tank, and a baseball cap is the perfect summer outfit for me. Yes, I love my sundresses and boots, but I just love being casual and comfy when spending the day fishing or after being on the beach all day. 
          2. Sunglasses: Honestly, I do not know how people can go without them. My Costas are my favorite (but I couldn't find them on Polyvore), but I do plan on investing in some Ray Bans this summer. 
        3. Bikinis: This is pretty obvious!! I love the water, the sun, tans, and swimming, so these Patogonia ones are perfect! They have a racerback like top so I don't have to worry about it falling off with playing with the kids or horsing around in the ocean or water skiing! I hate always having to worry about losing my top (and bottoms). 
       4. My nook: As much as I love playing on the beach and horsing around, it is nice to sit back and read for a bit too and the nook is perfect for carrying with me. 
      5. Sunscreen: Yes, I love being tan, but I am a firm believer in using sunscreen, especially on the face. My face, nose, and ears, get burned so easily that I always use it (even when going on a run) and baseball caps are a huge help to. 
     6. A beach tote: Last year, I was able to splurge and buy a cute Lilly beach tote and I absolutely love it! Before that, I had a cute one from Old Navy that worked just fine! 


La made tank top

Topshop shorts

Patagonia bikini

Patagonia bikini

Patagonia tankini top

Rainbow sandals

Beach bag

Baseball cap

Aveeno sun care

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Night!! 

Only 2 more days left of the school/work week (if you have a normal schedule), so wahoo! I'm extra happy because my spring break starts tomorrow at 4:50pm! Sadly, I am not going anywhere warm or fun, but I can take the week off to let my brain rest/recover. This semester is definitely harder than I thought it was going to be, but I am not complaining. I like staying busy (and running 4 times a week keeps me even busier)! There are a lot of things that I am LOVING right now, so let me share a few. 

1. Sweet Potatos - I honestly go on random food kicks and this month, sweet potatoes are my favorite! It's even better that they are so rich in nutrients! 

2. The Instagram of Kayla Itsines (kayla_itsines; kaylaitsines.com.au) - She is a personal trainer/fitness expert from Southern Australia and I really enjoy her posts! She has tons of wonderful exercises and even has a free, one week workout plan on her website. She also gives tons of advice and helps with motivation. She is all about helping her clients feel good in their skin and that is so important to me. Confidence is key! She is worth checking out. Talk about getting inspired! 

3. Crochet Blanket from my Mom - She is talented in so many things and has so many hobbies. She recently learned to crochet (on top of already being an aviod knitter). After making several pot holders, she crocheted a black and yellow (GO VCU) blanket for me and I am obsessed! It's warm and just perfect. (I'm slightly obsessed with stuff in my school colors!)

4. The Lilly Pulitzer Spring Line - Can you say AMAZING?? I don't think there is a print in this line that I dislike. I have already picked out my Easter dress and dress to wear to Robbie's graduation. Now I just need the funds...

5. Stethoscope - Nerdy, I know, but it is SO nice! My mom surprised me with a Littmann stethoscope to have for CNA clinicals and then for nursing school. I am super stoked about it. I was going to buy one when I graduated nursing school, but the fact I have it now makes it so much better. It is amazing the difference between a really nice stethoscope and a cheap one you can buy at the bookstore. Needless to say, I have been going around the house taking everyone's blood pressure just so I can use it. I even checked the dogs' heartbeats with it (they were sleeping, so they didn't mind).

I apologize for the lack of pictures but my internet was not wanting to fully cooperate with me this evening; one of the downfalls of living in the boonies!

I hope everyone has a wonderful (and hopefully sunnier) rest of the week! I don't know about y'all, but this snow and cold weather has got to go! I am beyond over it!


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Gym Bag Essentials

Happy Motivational Monday! 

First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day, whether you spent it with friends or a significant other. Mine was wonderful and Robbie went above and beyond: roses, a giant homemade card with song lyrics all over, and a new pair of gym shoes. He seriously knows a way to this girls heart! By receiving the awesome Nike's, I was then inspired to do a post on the "must-haves" for girls' gym bags when working out with limited time. 

As I have been getting into my training for my 10K in March, I have been taking advantage of every oppurtunity I could in order to hit the gym. Tues/Thurs at school, I have a 2 hour break between classes and last week, I really started to take advantage of that time frame by hitting the gym. VCU has a WONDERFUL gym. Seriously, they have my favorite treadmills, amazing elliptical/cross-trainer machines, awesome spin classes, a pool, and not to mention, a ton of weights. I am still too intimidated to go use the weight machines, as everyone down there seems so intense and knowledgable and I don't want to make an idiot of myself. Anways, enough of me babbling... 

Gym Bag Essesntials: 

 1. Headphones
 2. Headband - BondiBands are my favorite as they do not slide off in the middle of a workout or run and they have so many cute options. 
 3. Running/Training Shoes: I have shoes specifically for running (Saucany is my brand of choice, but it all depends on your foot, the way you run, how many miles you run per week, etc.) and I have shoes specifically for my cross-training days (my Nike Frees tend to do the trick.) 
 4. Exercise Socks (I am very picky about these!) - I like having the tab on the back that helps prevent blisters and I like them tighter in the middle of my foot. They can get pricy, but I have been lucky enough to find them at TJ Maxx or on sale. 
 5. Water, water, water!! 

Sometimes after a workout, I don't have time to shower before my next class. Judge if you want, but I always make sure I don't reek by washing my face, towling dry, and changing clothes. My workout time is very limited, so I do what I can! For others in this predicament...

 6. Towel: I always dry off after a workout (especially in areas where sweat tends to accumulate)
 7. Face Wipes: I use this to "wash" my face and I even use them to wipe down my arms and legs to help get rid of some of the sweat. 
 8. Deodorant: I put extra on before my workout and then I use it after too, after I have dried off. 
 9. Dry Shampoo: Sometimes my hair gets so icky that the dry shampoo helps with some of the sweatiness. My hair goes back in a ponytail anyway, but it seriously helps. 
 10. Hairbrush 
 11. Chapstick: I don't know about y'all, but my lips always feel so dry after a workout, especially one high in intensity. Chapstick is a must for me! 
 12. Make-up bag if you want to re-touch your face or to store jewelry or other personal items 

Did I miss anything? What are essentials for y'alls gym bag? Happy Exercising! 


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thankful Thursday

Happy Thursday! 

I know it has been a while since I have done a "Thankful Thursday" post, but with the snow and everything, I figured today was a good day to start back. I actually took these "Snow Day" pictures after last week's snow, but considering it snowed again this week, I figured they would work for today's post! 

I hope you all have stayed safe, warm, and cozy (minus when playing in the snow... it's inevitable to get cold doing that)! Sadly, I had no one (human wise) to play in the snow with, but I did have my brother's dog who did a wonderful job keeping me entertained. This was Teal's first "REAL" snow and she had a blast (minus when she fell through the ice while hunting, but my brother was quick to her rescue)! I even filmed her playing in the snow and jumping and eating it and falling. It was too funny not to capture. When the sun was setting though, it seemed as if she wanted me to take her picture, and my camera-happy self happily obliged. I honestly took tons of pictures, but these 2 might be my favorite! Stay warm my loves (hot chocolate seems to do the trick, along with cozy pajamas). 

What I am thankful for this week: 

1. Pets - They bring so much joy and love into the household that it is impossible for me to picture a life without them. 
2. Coffee/Hot Chocolate - Drinking the bold flavor of coffee first thing in the morning warms my soul, I swear. Hot chocolate is my favorite to drink when I get home from class and settle in to do readings or to relax and watch Netflix. 
3. My home - It's always during this type of weather that I am truly grateful to have a house over my head and clothes on my back. Going to school in RVA, it is not uncommon to see homeless people and I feel horrible for them. There are a couple that I have gotten used to seeing and worry when I don't. I hate that there are people that are not really "homeless" but do it as a way to make money, or that there are homeless people who have made some bad decisions, whether drugs or what. I am not going to lie, they make me nervous, and I do not hand out money, but if I have extra food or a water bottle, I will happily give it to someone. There is one man who I think is not mentally sound and I always wish I had something to give him. I haven't seen him lately, so hopefully that's a good sign. Anyways, try to remember there are some people who are actually "living" in these freezing temperatures and do not have many ways to get warm, so if you have the time or spare money, buy a hot chocolate or two and give it to someone you see. 
4. Baking - It is not a surprise to many of you that I LOVE to bake. I thought baking would be hard when I started the Paleo diet, but it's actually made baking even more fun. Yes, it is not traditional flour and oil and such, but I get to experiment and try things I have never tried before, like banana walnut muffins! For the recipe, go to www.paleOMG.com. They are absolutely delicious and have been my breakfast go to all week! 

What are y'all thankful for this week? Month? Year? 


Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Recap!

Happy Sunday my dears! 

I am so giddy and proud of myself right now, I can hardly stand it! Before I go into too much detail about todays wonderful happenings, let me tell y'all about yesterdays basketball game!

Robbie's brother plays basketball for RMC and even though he does not start, he still gets a good amount of playing time for a freshman. Yesterday was the second college game of his I was able to attend and it is so exciting watching him play. Who cares that RMC isn't a D1 school? It is D3 and that is still amazing. If you are good enough to play in college (especially good enough to receive an athetic scholarship), then who cares if it's D1 or D3?! He has always been a great ball player and I get so excited (and nervous) watching him play. Last week, he scored 15 points in a game (wahoo!!!) and yesterday, he scored 3 (which is still good in my opinion)! I am so proud of him and so I had to brag about my second little brother! 

My actual little brother's birthday (the big 2-0!) was yesterday and I made him a delicious chicken pot-pie for dinner (I did have to make it gluten free though, but honestly, you couldn't tell the difference)! As many of you know, Bisquick is a southern staple and I was thrilled when they made a GF version. 

Onto today and the cause for my giddiness... I ran!! I did do that "Run for Chocolate" with my mom before Christmas, but other than that, I had not ran since the end of July. It felt amazing wonderful to get out and run today. It was sunny, there was a bright blue sky, and it was not too cold. Sure, my back is hating me right now, but I do not care. The feeling I had running today was euphoric. I went with my mom and another girl and I was able to keep up with them for the first 1.5 miles; considering it had been more than 5 months since I had truly ran, I am proud of myself. While doing the first 1.5, my legs were not even tired. I have to take that as encouragement for me to keep up running in order to accomplish my goal of running a half-marathon before I graduate in December. My mom and N (the girl she runs with) are running a half in mid-March, so I am hoping I can do one by May (and if I don't get to it in May, there is one in October and the Richmond one in November). I just have to keep pushing myself. Getting outside and running is better for me than sitting on the heat pad all day (I just need to remember to push the pain aside... within reasonable limits). 
(Ecstatic after my run!)

(Part of the trail I ran)

I also had another success today which I am pretty happy about. My dad was grilling steaks for dinner and my family definitely loves meat and potatoes. Since I am trying to be good and stick to the Paleo (I have for 2 weeks and my energy level is amazing), I decided to try something new besides mashed potatoes. Some of y'all have probably heard of mashed cauliflower and let me tell you, it was pretty darn good. I love love love potatoes, so for me to give them up and try this was another step for me. I used the recipe from "Against All Grain" by Danielle Walker and I am so glad I did! There are so many different variations of the recipe. My advice is to search Google or some Paleo websites and find one that you think would be easiest for you! 

(Steak and "potatoes") 
I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend. After this weekend, I am ready to conquer this week!